Augmented Reality Experience With Holoboard Mixed Reality Headset

An Immersive Holographic Experience.

By just using the smartphone’s front camera our in-built 3D tracking and mapping software understands the world around you so that you can place Holograms anywhere you want. Combined with a wide field of view of 90 degrees holograms appear natural and life-like.

Collaborate With Colleagues Using Holoboard Mixed Reality Headset

AR Cloud For Collaborative and Persistent AR Experiences.

Using Holoboard, you can collaborate with your colleagues, leave notes for your loved ones or play games with your friends. Using our AR Cloud all holographic experiences can be shared across devices and resumed from where you left off.

Holoboard Mixed Reality Headset Just Uses Your Smartphone

Using Just Your Smartphone.

Holoboard is the world’s first markerless AR headset that works with any smartphone. Be it Android or iOS, just slide the phone inside your headset and you are ready to go!

One Product. Three Flavors.

Versions of Holoboard Mixed Reality Headset
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Holoboard Supported Phones

Holograms in Action

Download the app below and get our demo application with AR games, AR educational content and much more. iOS coming soon.

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Start Your Holographic Journey. Today!

Starting at $149. Developer Kit Estimated Delivery Fall 2018.



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