The World Is Your Screen.

You can open multiple screens placed anywhere in the world around you. Live-stream YouTube videos, or take a conference call from work.

Learn 3D In 3D.

Explore new ways of learning with engaging life-like educational content. You can visualize complex structures in full 3D and interact with them naturally.

Work More Productively.

Improve your design processes by visualizing them holographically at full scale, reducing the time for physical prototypes and shortening time to market.

Bring Games To Your World.

Make your living room into a gaming arcade by bringing characters right into your world. Play solo or with your friends, pause or resume whenever you want, wherever you want.

Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.

Collaborate with colleagues in the same physical space or remotely. Walk around design deliberations, save notes or get expert training. This is tele-presence in the fourth dimension.

Turn “Augmented” Into Reality.

Holoboard allows you to visualize how any product will fit into your environment. Explore them in full 3D and enjoy new ways of shopping and commerce.

Observe. Decipher. Together.

Want to know how your new router or printer works. With Holoboard, you can directly overlay instructions or call an remote expert to help you set it up!

Start Your Holographic Journey. Today!

Starting at $149. Developer Kit Estimated Delivery Fall 2018.



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