Holoboard allows educators and students to augment their traditional learning experience with immersive 3D content. Our Holo-Learn Platform For Education enables teachers and students to interact with the same hologram and see each other simultaneously.

For Students

Holo-Learn enables greater engagement and retention for students. They can explore complex subjects with ease and examine them from every angle.

For Educators

Teachers can use our Holo-Learn Platform to explain phenomena and processes that are difficult to describe verbally or with a chalk and board.

For Online Learning

Any video lecture can be augmented with spatial 3D content on your smartphone or tablet or the same video lectures can be streamed on Holoboard along with exploring holographic educational content.


Our Holo-Health Platform For Doctors and Medical Training enables both surgeons and medical institutions accelerate hands-on learning, surgical procedures and recovery treatments.

For Surgeons and Doctors

Doctors especially surgeons need to continuously look at various displays to gather medical data. With Holo-Health surgeons can focus on the patient at hand with all his vitals overlaid without obstructing the doctor’s vision. Simultaneously, surgeons can also have remote calls with colleagues or live stream surgical sessions.

For Hospitals and Medical Institutions

Holo-Health transforms medical training and education by letting practitioners visualize, learn and interact with various parts of the human anatomy or medical tools in full 3D. Medical students can walk around a holographic cadaver, learn complex procedures and collaborate with colleagues in a safe but life-like environment.

For Telemedicine

Holo-Health allows low latency live streaming of 3D content along with remote collaboration. The platform allows doctors to be guided for performing remote procedures or to aid patients with brain-related challenges especially autism.


For Product Designers

Our Holo-Design platform helps product, industrial and mechanical designers visualize their designs at full scale, visualize different hypothesis and prototypes without bearing the cost of physical manufacturing. With Holo-Design, designers can upload industry-standard CAD formats and directly see the scaled 3D model within a matter of minutes.

For Design Collaboration and Review

Holo-Design allows designers to share and collaborate together on design deliberations either at the same place or from anywhere around the world. Everyone can simultaneously see your 3D models, leave feedback, annotations or even tweak them.


For Manufacturing Companies

Usually it’s a hassle for engineers to assemble product lines as detailed information and handling is often dislocated. With Holo-Assist, manufacturers can directly overlay images, renderings of bolts, nuts, part numbers and instructions on how to assemble a specific component.

For Remote Expert Intervention

Holo-Assist platform also allows remote expert calling, sharing of sessions within engineers at the shop floor, step-by-step task guidance and access to contextual information.

For Employee Training And Audit

Holo-Assist allows employees to be trained on various machine parts, full-blown factory floors with immersive 3D and realistic content. This saves travel costs, increases employee and machine safety along with higher visual retention and recall.

For Consumer Product Companies

Traditionally products have been shipped with complex manuals that are difficult to comprehend. With Holo-Assist consumers can see overlaid instructions directly on the product, along with live debugging from remote experts. Consumers can save their AR sessions, share them with their family members and resume whenever they want.


For Marketing

Holo-Showcase allows marketers to create innovative and creative campaigns that integrate digital world into their customers real world. Customers can experience AR commerce through their smartphone, improve brand experience and offer engaging, memorable interactions.

For Gaming and Entertainment

We have all heard about Pokemon Go. Wouldn’t it be great if your friends can see and interact with the same 3D character as you are. Or if you can save your gaming sessions and resume them whenever you want. Holo-Showcase with its AR cloud capabilities enables such cross-platform cross-device gaming experiences.

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Basic Edition

$149$149 early bird offer

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