75 Degree Field of View

Our patented off-axis curved parabolic mirror design delivers a clear and wide holographic experience.


With GPU-optimized SLAM tracking that works across any smartphone, we eliminate the need for any markers.

In-Built AR Cloud

Our AR Cloud Support allows you to create accurate maps for your home or office. These maps allow you to save your holographic session and resume it whenever you want.

Synchronized AR Experiences

You can live share your holographic session with multiple users either wearing our headset or using native mobile AR applications.

AR Applications

Re-define Learning

Holoboard comes with sample in-built AR courses. Immerse yourself as you glide through holographic educational content right in your living room.

Holographic Training

Manuals and PDFs are now a thing of the past. With our sample training modules, experience a new way of getting acquainted to new machine works or training programs.

Improve Customer Experience

Our native SLAM tracking on Holoboard or on any smartphone allows your customers to experience a new way of on-boarding. With the first user experience overlaid on your product, we achieve a whole new level of engagement.

Holographic Streaming

Why buy a new television set when you have the Holoboard? You can live-stream YouTube videos directly and place them on 24, 32 or even 72 inch screen anywhere in your home.

Holographic Visualization

As a designer, you are constantly in search for the next big breakthrough. With our visualization suite, you can import any FBX or OBJ model and see them at scale, fully localized.

Holographic Collaboration

Get your friends and colleagues to collaborate on your big idea with our synchronized multi-user cloud based interactive Collaboration suite.

Early Access Pricing


$99 Pre-Order

3-DoF Rotational and Marker Based Positional Tracking

In-built IMU Localization

Personal AR Cloud Access

Free Bundled Holoboard Applications

Android/iOS Compatible

Basic Developer SDK Access


$149 Pre-Order

Full 6-DoF Rotational and Positional Tracking

In-built Front-Camera SLAM Localization

AR Cloud Access Upto 5 Users

Free Bundled Holoboard Applications

Android/iOS Compatible

Advanced Developer SDK Access


$399 Pre-Order

Full 7-DoF Rotational and Positional Tracking

External Stereo SLAM Localization

AR Cloud Access Upto 10 Users

Free Bundled Holoboard Applications

Android Compatible

Enterprise Developer SDK Access

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