A multi-layer bottom up architectural design with optimized AR map encoding, holographic synchronization and persistence.

Bottom Layer
3D Provenance

3D Provenance

All AR sub-systems instantly power up to initialize our environment understanding and localization frameworks.

Cross-Platform SLAM Tracking

Cross-Platform SLAM Tracking

Our NEON and GPU optimized implementation provide for real-time 30 FPS tracking and map building.

Cloud Based AR Graph Transmission

Cloud Based AR Graph Transmission

Full AR maps with 3D co-ordinates and feature vectors are transmitted to all devices who have joined the AR session.

Instant Re-localization

Instant Re-localization

Optimized AR maps are decoded and used by other devices to determine their 3D location in the current environment.

Optimized Holographic Multi-State Synchronization

Optimized Holographic Multi-State Synchronization

At every interaction, the 6-DoF vector plus content modes of the rendered 3D models are harmonized to maintain exact same state vector across all devices in the AR session.

Persistent State Design

Persistent State Design

All AR Sessions can be saved either on our Cloud or Local Devices, and be resumed from the exact state where the user left.

Top Layer

Build With Us

Holoboard lowers the entry barrier for content developers and designers who want to make markerless, cross-platform, collaborative AR applications. Any application made with our technology can be deployed to work across various combination of smartphones for video-see through AR or the Holoboard itself for optical see-through AR.

Holographic Prototyping Made Easy

Reduce the time from concept to implementation and deployment. With our technology you can get your AR experience deployed within minutes.

Unity Powered

Want to port your existing unity projects into AR or make a new one. Using our plugin you can easily deploy your next AR application.

Cross-Platform. Cross-Device

Since Holoboard works with any smartphone, you can build applications that work across Android or iOS and at the same time across various Holoboard versions.

AR Cloud For Collaborative Sessions

Real magic comes when multiple people can visualize, interact and collaborate on the same hologram at the same time. With our in-built offline/online AR cloud service you can make any experience collaborative.

Become Our Preferred Partner

Are you a content designer who would love to create AR apps? Or a design studio who wants to expand the boundaries of holographic experiences? Apply now and become our preferred partner in this journey.

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